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Brexit threats facing transport operators

The lack of clarity on Brexit deal outcomes is causing major problems for logistics companies and to mitigate them they will need to be very aware of:

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  1. Change is inevitable: whatever deal is done or not done, changes to shipments to and from the EU will occur

  2. Government is developing a GVMS system with which operators will need to integrate efficiently

  3. Operators will also be faced with an EU system (or systems) that will need to be incorporated

  4. Uncertainty will almost certainly lead to a lack of investment due to perceived increased risk

  5. Despite all of this, customers will continue to expect at least the same standard of service

To deliver the above a transport operator will need a transport management system (TMS) that:

  1. Requires no capital spend

  2. Can be configured for all customers, with little or no technical input

  3. Has multiple methodologies for integrating information from disparate and often unrelated sources

  4. Allows easy, rapid deployment on an as-needed, real-time basis

The solution for all of the above is a modern, efficient TMS such as Deltion’s CarrierNet. If your current TMS struggles to deliver all this functionality without cost-intensive IT intervention, contact Bashir Khan for more information about our CarrierNet TMS.


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