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Brexit Means Bureaucracy

We may be living in the most polarised world in history. It seems few people occupy a middle ground on almost any subject of importance these days. Here in the UK, nothing illustrates this more clearly than Brexit. However, whether you’re a Remainer or Leaver, a believer in a Deal or No-deal, we think that at least in the medium term there’s one thing we can probably all agree on and that is, whatever kind of Brexit we get, it will undoubtedly result in a serious increase in red tape for everyone, especially those in the transport industry.

The Red Tape Tango.

The Bureaucratic Band is ready to play, and the dance is set to begin in less than 100 days.

In the world of import/export, supply chain management and transport management alone, the government will have to issue all sorts of new and/or amended procedural guidelines, operational and customs procedures, port rules and so on. In fact, we may have trouble importing the amount of crimson dye necessary to produce all the required red tape as it may be tied up at the border because of, well, red tape.

If you’re hoping the government will pull a rabbit out of a hat to save you from all this, it seems highly unlikely at present as a recent article in The Guardian opines. We quote:

“The government’s new border operating plans, unveiled last month by Michael Gove, were criticised by freight operators for lacking detail and relying on as-yet untested technology. Much will depend on the successful functioning of “track and trace” style technology to obviate the need for long queues and checks at borders. The “smart freight” system is not expected to be ready for testing before November, ahead of a January launch. The failure of the contact-tracing app tested on the Isle of Wight does not inspire confidence.

The prospect of fines for drivers who are not “border-ready” when entering Kent suggests that ministers will not hesitate to blame businesses when things start to go wrong. Given the pressures that employers and employees alike have been under since March, this would be wholly unfair.”

The Financial Times is hardly more sanguine as you may read here.

Transport Operators, start your engines please.

Transport operators large and small know that they need to develop better IT systems, investigate/set up new warehousing at borders, attempt to localise supply chains and more. In fact, if a lot of that is not already in place, you may already be so far behind the 8-ball you may struggle to cope with the bureaucratic bulldozer coming your way. It should be noted that a lot of the indications are that the smaller a company is, the harder it will be for them to mitigate the kind of costs associated with all this.

A major component of this increased bureaucracy will be ensuring compliance with new regulations on both the UK and EU sides of the equation, as well as filing of transport routing with customs and excise, transport regulators, stakeholders and customers alike.

That’ll be where your improved IT systems come in. No doubt you may be balking at the prospect of the expense involved in setting up new, or improving existing, IT systems: upgrading your IT department, hardware, software and, not least, up-training the relevant staff.

Well, thanks to our CarrierNet Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Transport Management System (TMS), we’ve got you covered. A TMS working on a SaaS platform will cost you far less than you think and will streamline your operational procedures to a degree you may not have believed possible. This is not hyperbole, this is a proven fact. It’s just that, apart from the big transport operators, not many smaller operators are aware that a SaaS-based TMS solution to their problems is already in existence.

The benefits of SaaS, in the proverbial nutshell.

• Low cost of entry – no capital expenditure required on IT hardware or software • Rapid deployment: implementation and training are simple as CarrierNet uses just an internet browser user interface • Pay-as-you-go pricing reflects the variable nature of business • Instant scalability – upscale or downscale with staff increases/decreases • Work anywhere – access to the internet is all that’s required • Seamless, real-time upgrades – software is continually updated • No maintenance costs • No long-term contract required

CarrierNet, is a proven SaaS-based TMS leader.

CarrierNet has been recognised internationally as the leading web-based application for supply chain, logistics and transport management.

How CarrierNet will deliver you from red tape:

• CarrierNet can be configured to meet all the government’s regulatory and administrative demands • It can integrate seamlessly with external stakeholder systems including transport regulators, government departments and customers • It provides accurate management information and ensures informational transparency across the board • It increases supply chain efficiency, as CarrierNet handles all movements including financial transactions • It can be tailored to any specific industry • In short, the key to slipping through the forthcoming tangle of red tape is ensuring the flow of correct information/documentation to and from all mandatory parties – and, because it requires minimal manual input, CarrierNet delivers just that.

Don’t let the tangle of Brexit Red Tape strangle your operations.

There’s less than 100 days before the end of the Brexit transition period. Transport operators facing the onrushing tide of bureaucracy should contact Bashir Khan without delay: – CarrierNet may just be your lifeboat.


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