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At last, true optimisation for all freight transport

Consider this problem scenario: a freight transport operator has to manage potentially varied and disparate fleets. Now, even though this theoretical transport operator has well-integrated systems, it is limited to the use of one optimisation modelling engine or else must deploy a number of planning teams. In addition, let’s say the transport operator in question also needs to deliver to both businesses and consumers and requires inter-depot trunking. In a best-of-breed approach, that means they could need a minimum of three different optimisation engines, and each engine would require different information to be provided in different formats and report different KPIs! We think you’ll agree that this transport operator is really having to go ‘around the houses’ to optimise their freight management. Not ideal.

Now, consider this unique solution to that problem (dare we say ‘nightmare’?) scenario: a ‘middleware mathematical engine’ called PlanR has been developed that can plan all deliveries on a single platform but ensure that all different operations can use the most effective optimisation engine for each fleet. Not only that, but PlanR can take all the transport operator’s data in a single input and, via its AI abilities, segment the data to feed valid inputs as necessary into separate modelling engines. So, in one easy automated step, the transport operator gains complete control and retains ownership of the rules and constraints required to deliver on their customer promise. Thorny problem solved.

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The great news is, PlanR exists and now bridges the gaps between Transport Management Systems (TMS), mathematical engines and customer service solutions to ensure that the optimum freight operating outcome is delivered. Also, with PlanR there is potentially no limit on the use of optimisation engines to support operations.

Even if your transport operating requirements are not as complex as the example above, PlanR can still be of great benefit to you, enabling you to focus on delivery of great customer service while simultaneously making many mundane and repetitive data handling tasks in your organisation obsolete.

If you would like further information on how PlanR works and are interested in future-proofing your transport planning optimisation, please contact Bashir Khan here.


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